100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Quebec Nordiques



Over the course of 20 seasons and spanning two leagues the Quebec Nordiques wore only one uniform design, changing only the color of their road crest from white to red over that span. In 1975-1976 while playing in the World Hockey Association the Nordiques simplified their uniforms, removing all shoulder stripes and any use of red, going with a plain blue and white design to mimic the provincial flag of Quebec. A series of fleur-de-lis from the flag were added along the waist of the uniform above a single stripe, on each shoulder another fleur-de-lis and as the front of the jersey - a single stripe right at wrist. In a unique twist, the team matched a logo which was almost entirely red with a uniform that had no red on it whatsoever for majority of the time it was worn. Small tweaks were made to the uniform over the years: the white logo became red on the road jersey in 1980-1981 and red trim was added to the player numbers in 1991-1992.