100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

New York Rangers



The 1947-1976 New York Rangers design is familiar to all hockey fans. Following a one-year switch to an arched “RANGERS” wordmark across the front of the jersey with a player number below, the Rangers switched back to their diagonal logo for the 1947-1948 season. At the time the uniform was introduced the Rangers were the only club to not have a white sweater, choosing to wear blue and only blue for every game in team history up to that point. When the League mandated each team have two sets of uniforms in 1951-1952, the Rangers' white jersey with the blue and red shoulder stripes made its debut. New York continued to wear this design throughout the entire “Original Six” era before replacing it temporarily in 1976-1977. The style returned in 1978-1979 with “NEW YORK” now on the road blues replacing “RANGERS.” In 1987 “RANGERS” was restored on the blue uniform and the jerseys continue to be worn with this design to this day.