100 Greatest NHL Uniforms

Montreal Canadiens



After several years of tinkering with the look of the stripes, the exact shape and coloring of the logo, the Montreal Canadiens settled on the design they would carry with them for the next 60+ years. For the 1956-1957 season, in the middle of a string of five consecutive Stanley Cup victories, the Canadiens pinched together the top and bottom halves of the “C” on their logo, giving the “C” a closed look. They also reduced the size of the blue stripe running across their red sweater. The Canadiens wore this uniform for the next 20 years with only slight adjustments along the way - the stripe was widened for one season and the laces at the collar were eventually removed, before changing their collar from white to blue following the 1976-1977 season. The design the Habs wore during this period is exceptionally close to what the team continues to wear to this day, the club even returning both the white collar and laces to their jerseys in 2015-2016.