100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Los Angeles Kings



If the colors were good enough for royalty they were good enough for Jack Kent Cooke’s Los Angeles Kings. When the Kings entered the NHL in 1967 the team adopted gold and purple as they were colors associated as the traditional look of kings and queens throughout history. The uniforms were simple, a blank canvas with a single stripe at the very bottom of the jersey and one on each sleeve; on the front of the jersey was a crown. At home they wore gold pants, socks, and helmets to match their gold jersey creating a complete head-to-toe look while the road version did the same but instead using purple. The Kings became the first NHL team since the 1950-1951 New York Rangers to not wear a white jersey and remained so until the 1978-1979 Canucks, who also opted for yellow as their 'light' jersey color.