100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Hartford Whalers



When the New England Whalers made the move to the NHL from the World Hockey Association in 1979 they went for a total makeover; new league, new name, new logo and new uniforms. Adopting the Hartford name, the Whalers changed their logo to a blue “W” with a green whale tail at the top. Put them together and a letter “H” is formed by the negative space between the two other elements. The green and blue uniforms sported the logo on the front, with each shoulder featuring a little whale nicknamed “Pucky” by the team. The Whalers wore a variation of this uniform, including one with “Cooperall” style long pants for a season, until 1985-1986 when “Pucky” was dropped from the uniform. They carried on without the shoulder whale for another six seasons before adopting a whole new look in 1992-1993.