100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Edmonton Oilers



The Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL in 1979-1980 following a seven-year run in the World Hockey Association. The Oilers brought their logo and uniforms over with them from the WHA, a blue jersey with orange shoulders and white trim on the road, three alternating orange and white stripes at the waist and on each sleeve. Their logo shows the team name in blue in a circle with a single orange oil drop above. Minor tweaks to the style of player names and numbers were made to the uniforms over the next 15 years but it was over that span that the club won five Stanley Cups. The Oilers darkened their colors and made considerable changes to their uniforms in 1996-1997 but the old look made its return, first during the 2003 Heritage Classic and then gradually starting in 2008 with a retro home uniform. By the 2011-2012 season the Oilers had fully embraced their old look, using their 1980s uniforms for both their home and road uniform.