100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Chicago Black Hawks



For the 1956-1957 season the Chicago Black Hawks updated their uniforms, their first new look since the mid-1930s. The striping which dominated the front of the previous look was gone with striping now kept to the waist and around each sleeve, for the first time in team history the main sweater color was now red instead of black and the Native American head was taken out of the circle as the jersey crest. On each sleeve near the elbow on the stripes the team added a “C” with crossed tomahawks, a feature the team has retained to the present day, just moved up to the shoulder. The Black Hawks wore this style for three seasons, replacing them in 1959-1960 with the uniform set still used to this day. For the 2017 NHL Winter Classic, the Blackhawks wore the white version of this sweater complete with the secondary logo moved back to the stripes on the elbow.