100 Greatest NHL® Uniforms

Boston Bruins



For their third season the Boston Bruins, then brown-and-gold to match the color scheme used by the owner’s chain of grocery stores, retained the same basic uniform style worn the year before but really cleaned up their logo. The uniform was white with brown and gold stripes all up and down the sleeves as well as across the shoulders and around the waist, the logo still a brown bear walking below the team name arched above and flat below but now part of a much more unified design. Boston wore this logo and uniform until the end of the 1931-1932 season, the Bruins then switched to a large block “B” on their chest, what would eventually morph into the logo they use today. The Bruins won their first ever Stanley Cup in 1929 while wearing this set, and they won another with a modernized version of the logo on their shoulders in 2011, having been brought back by the team for the 2007-2008 season.